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Content over Pretty

It is extremely important to have a website which visually represents what you want to say.  However, pretty does not equal relevant! Very little to zero of that has to do with how much you are paying for web hosting services.

Basically, what you are paying for with a service is a framework and hosting costs.  Content, including all the pretty pictures, are going to be your responsibility unless you have plenty of money to pay someone to do it for you.  Updating content is a constant endeavor and the only way to make it relevant to your stakeholders or customers.  Don’t kid yourself by thinking paying for a service to update your site is the way to go.

Be involved in gathering and posting content to your site.  Take your own pictures and download a couple of apps to jazz them up a bit.  Ask staff (If you have staff!) to contribute materials and updates.  Make your site a group effort.  Then, learn how to post and arrange it on your site.  Only you and/or your staff know your business or school well enough to represent the organization the way you want it perceived.  Plus, It saves you money!

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