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About Us

We are a small group of dedicated Oklahoma Public School employees who started out in the classroom and moved into the operations side of education.  This gives us a unique perspective on how schools can effectively plan, budget, and administrate to create a culture designed to positively effect student learning.

We are also a small business and have a heart for helping others the way we have been helped along the way.  Working for public schools in Oklahoma has given us the opportunity to do more with much less and we would love to help you leverage your marketing and operational dollars to maximize your returns on investments.



Let us help you catch up on your technology!  We work with some of the best partners and distributors who have a nation wide footprint to help you accomplish your goals and will work to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.  And even if you don’t buy directly from us, we can do third party installs and retrofits so you don’t have to!


Criteria consultations…


Let us help with all of your website needs!  We would love to work with you to create a healthy on-line presence that best reflects what you do! We offer anything from a full service customized web experience at really great rates!  Where we can help the most is in the reduction of your yearly hosting renewal costs so while that first year may not look much better than other things you have seen, that next one will look really nice!

Are you a Do It Yourselfer?  We can help with that right now with a great selection of hosting products at

Contact Us


712 North D Ave 
Cleveland, OK 74020

(539) 302-7259


We Are Co-Hosting our first Conference!

We are excited for the opportunity to co-host our first event on June 13, 2018…

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Thank You VPS For A Great Evening

We were fortunate enough to spend a few hours with Verdigris Public Schools recently to…

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Current Projects

We are excited to be assisting a couple of school districts in Oklahoma right now…

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Website Accessibility Vendors

With the recent uptick in complaints filed with the feds against many public organizations concerning…

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