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We Are Co-Hosting our first Conference!

We are excited for the opportunity to co-host our first event on June 13, 2018 on the campus of Cleveland Public Schools!  The event will be technical conference presented by Palo Alto Networks covering their Next Generation firewall and intrusion detection systems.

IDSs are great but they require you to keep up with them and the always changing landscape of internet security.  Palo Alto is on the leading edge of creating a device that can stay ahead of  those changes.  And while the systems are great, they have to be managed. and for a team that can be hard.  It’s almost impossible for a one horse shop to keep up.  This conference is about allowing both groups of people to take the time and give them information to do their job more efficiently and we look forward to it.

We look forward to bringing more groups together in the future!  It’s our way of giving back to #oklaed.

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