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A message to #oklaed tech people

Every once in awhile, Its good to do a salary comparison to see how your school, or even your company, is paying you.  A good reference point is the Computerworld salary survey results because it’s easy to let them do the work and the information seems generally accurate.  Tech staff in Oklahoma public schools seem to think the grass is always greener in the private sector and to a large extent, that is correct.  But how correct?
As I have encouraged #oklaed tech people in the past, advocate for your salary.  There are limited people who could fill your shoes and districts know that.  However, in small communities especially, they are banking you aren’t going to move or commute so there really isn’t pressure to pay more.  The one difference is when there are sups who realize they need to pay based on real-world value and not keep considering people livestock the way the Oklahoma governor and legislature does.
Optimistically speaking, #oklaed should start coming out of this funding stupidity within an election cycle (or two).  As we come out, Tech leader, both technical and curriculum, need to make sure “new” money coming back is directed towards our programs.  New and replacement devices should be a high priority but we should be including tech staff expansion where appropriate and a regionally normal salary for all tech staff.  The only way to help make sure that happens is to start talking about it now with school leadership and even board members if necessary.   If not, you could be standing out on the 50-yard line covered in new artificial turf wondering how come we don’t have any devices to use on our new e-rate funded network… (Hummm… that last statement seems oddly specific…)
Advocacy my friends…
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