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Web Sites and the Americans with Disabilities Acts.

Started a new project centered around making websites more friendly to those who use the internet with screen readers and scanners this weekend.  Many times we develop our sites based on what we see as being eye catching and cool.  The thing about it is, many of our stakeholders and customers never visually see what has been created nor interact with it with finger taps or mouse clicks.

Changing our mindset to create based on multiple abilities adds a layer of difficulty but isn’t impossible. It’s actually quite beneficial.  I’ve found once i started, this process actually helps to clean up a site for everyone regardless of how someone interacts with it.

Many times we think more is better.  Sometimes it’s just… More.

Is your website ADA compliant?  Give it a look-see by punching your website into these links and it will give you an idea of where you stand:

WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
ACHECKER: Web Accessibility Checker
(There are others)

You will get different results from these tools including some things you may not be able to correct if you are using something where you may not have complete dominion over the code.  You will probably be more surprised at how simple some of the changes can be.  One word… Labels.  The main idea is that you take the time to research and try to fix it.

If you get a ton of errors then you will probably want to dig in and see whats going on.  Don’t panic.  Just remediate the issue.  For fun, try putting in!

Let us know if you would like some assistance.

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