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Current Projects

We are excited to be assisting a couple of school districts in Oklahoma right now in implementing new paradigms to their technology infrastructure!  Moving to cloud based services hosted by Google and Microsoft while keeping on-prem resources happy can be…

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Website Accessibility Vendors

With the recent uptick in complaints filed with the feds against many public organizations concerning their websites for not being compliant with accessibility standards, there has been a correlating uptick in knuckle-headed companies trying to cash in on it. You…

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Content over Pretty

It is extremely important to have a website which visually represents what you want to say.  However, pretty does not equal relevant! Very little to zero of that has to do with how much you are paying for web hosting…

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A message to #oklaed tech people

Every once in awhile, Its good to do a salary comparison to see how your school, or even your company, is paying you.  A good reference point is the Computerworld salary survey results because it's easy to let them do the work…

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Keys to the Kingdom

One of the most frustrating things a customer deals with is when they purchase a device or software service and the vendor tries to keep the administrator password.  Generally vendors keep those credentials for a couple of reasons. The two…

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About Mongo’s

Our goal? To help other #oklaed pawns in the chess game of life get their jobs done efficiently, effectively, and timely to the best of our ability as it relates to technology.  We have spent the last 20 years cultivating…

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